“Protester” casually shoots motorist in the back of the head execution style

On June 4th, a group of “protesters” attempted to block an intersection in downtown Alamosa, CO. Danny Pruitt, a 49-year-old disabled veteran, continued to idle forward and weave around the people. A man near the side of the road is seen on surveillance video casually pulling out a handgun and walking towards Pruitt’s vehicle.

The man then shoots into an open window with what police describe as a “small-caliber handgun.” The surveillance video looks like a premeditated execution. The shooter and all other “protesters” then flee.

Pruitt was hit in the back of the head. He was able to drive about a half-mile towards a hospital before police located him. He was then airlifted to a hospital. As of June 6th, he was still listed in critical condition.

Police have arrested 27-year-old James Marshall and charged him with attempted murder and other crimes. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that James Marshall is a defense attorney. Marshall has been practicing law in Colorado since October of 2018.

And yet, there is still another shocking aspect of this story. Fellow “protesters” appear to be engaged in an organized criminal conspiracy to hamper the police investigation. A group of people claiming to be witnesses all showed up at the police station at the same time to make statements. The Alamosa police department says their statements do not match the physical evidence.

This suggests that they are being coached to give fake statements to hinder the investigation. Among other things, they claim the victim exited his vehicle which is proven false by the video.

In yet another shocking detail, James Marshall was quickly released from jail on a mere $60k bond.

The national media is completely ignoring all the murders and attempted murders being committed by the “protesters.” The attempted execution of Pruitt is quarantined to local media only.

At least nine people have been killed in intentional murders in connection to the protests.


  1. The other “protesters” need to know that blocking traffic is a crime. Not a felony, but if they do anything that can be construed as a felony, they can be charged with felony murder just by being associated with the shooter.
    Don’t assume you can’t get in trouble just because you didn’t shoot a guy. You helped.

  2. This kind of activity could well lead to open Conflict. The fact that the perpetrator is a Lawyer and Prosecuted indicates that the Legal System IS Entirely CORRUPTED!!!!!

    • Sure. Blame the entire system on the action of one individual. WAIT A MINUTE… that IS WHY THE WHOLE THING STARTED.

  3. Sad thing you’ll get in more trouble defending the law and yourself.
    Mayors, Prosecutors and Police are protecting criminals and arresting law abiding citizens for similar crimes. Wait until it comes into the neighborhoods,all hell is going to break loose quickly and the cops will be ordered to stand down to protect corrupt Mayor

  4. These kinds of punk’s need executed immediately in PUBLIC and on Television. There have no right to live in a civilized society.

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