The obsession with “social justice” and “racism” has doomed the global economy

In the 1990s, the Clinton administration gutted US banking regulations to make it easier for high-risk people to get mortgages. Then banks were ordered to gives a higher volume of mortgages to blacks and Latinos under the threat of very serious federal penalties. A future US leader, named Barack Obama, appeared on the scene leading rowdy protests in front of Chicago banks demanding more and easier mortgages for black people.

A group of Republican congressmen protested the removal of banking regulations and the media and Democrats screamed “racism!” Within a few short years, Republicans completely give up and the new Republican president George W Bush embraced the Democrat’s rhetoric on social justice home loans.

Clinton’s HUD secretary Andrew M. Cuomo, at a live press conference, openly conceded that the foreclosure rate would increase under his policies. However, he said it was the “right thing to do” to fight social injustice.

In less than ten years, foreclosures got so high that it wrecked the US economy and caused a worldwide ripple effect. However, the left immediately absolved themselves of all blame whatsoever. They immediately switched from saying “racist banks won’t give black people loans,” to “racist banks preyed on black people by giving them loans they could not afford.”

Bush passes a massive bailout for the banks as one of his last acts in office.

Andrew M. Cuomo becomes governor of New York and his entire history of being the architect of the mortgage crises is erased from memory. Barak Obama becomes US president claiming that he will end US wars and give the little people a bailout. Obama passes another huge bailout, which all goes to wealthy insiders, a few minority-owned small businesses, and people already on welfare. The vast majority of US citizens never see any benefit.

Flash forward to early 2020. A new virus is rapidly spreading in China. Anyone in the West who suggests a temporary travel ban with China is shouted down as a “racist.”

The Chinese government even wages a propaganda campaign for the West not to restrict travel. Essentially waging a western-style “fight racism” campaign. Multiple Chinese government-run media outlet even produces propaganda videos of people in Northern Italy hugging Chinese people to prove they are not “racist.” The mayor of Florence, Italy even tweeted that his constituents should “hug a Chinese person.” He was praised by left-wing groups and the Chinese government.

China pursued a malicious policy that if their economy was going to be hurt, they wanted to make sure it was a global event and everyone got hurt. Western leftists just eat it up and eagerly do the bidding of the totalitarian Chinese regime.

Northern Italy has a particularly large number of Chinese people traveling back and forth for various manufacturing industries. By this time there has already been an outbreak in Germany. A Chinese person visiting an automotive manufacturing plant spread the infection to numerous workers. This outbreak was contained. Despite this, it was deemed to “racist” to shut down travel with China.
Soon outbreaks exploded across northern Italy.

Now, as the entire West shuts down, with devastating economic consequences, the same media and left-wing politicians are absolving themselves of sin.

Now, they are screaming that it is “racist” to even mention that the virus came from China at all.
Anyone using the phrase “Wuhan Flu” or “Chinese Virus” is deemed a “racist.”

How much longer do we go on like this?

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