Irish Election Results

Irish election results: 21 Independents win seats

The Irish Parliament, or “Dáil Éireann,” has 160 seats. One of whom is a chairperson, elected separately. If you count Peadar Tóibín, who started the Aontú party, there are basically 21 Independents that won seats.

Sinn Fein won 37 seats and other left-wing parties won another 29. This only makes 66. They need 14 more people. Meanwhile, the duopoly that has ruled for a hundred years, Fine Gael and Finna Fail received a combined 72 seats. So they would need to pull 8 more people.

I’m researching the 21 Independents that won seats. The majority of these people are turning out to be incumbents.

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Verona Murphy, newly elected. Campaigned against immigration.

Michael Collins and Noel Grealish are both incumbents who are being attacked in the media as “anti-immigrant.”

Micheal Healy-Rea and Danny Healy-Rae are two incumbents who are also brothers. Danny has been attacked in the media as a right-winger for opposing gay marriage and carbon taxes.

Carol Nolan is ex-Sinn Fein who quit that party over abortion.

Peadar Tóibín, incumbent, ex-Sinn Fein, who quit over abortion.

Peter Fitzpatrick is ex-Fine Gael, who quit that party over abortion.

Mattie McGrath, incumbent, ex-Fianna Fail.

Richard O’Donoghue, former member for Fianna Fail.

Michael Lowry, incumbent since 80s. ex-Fine Gael.

Denis Naughten, incumbant, ex-Fine Gael.

Peter Fitzpatrick, incumbent, ex-Fine Gael.

Michael Fitzmaurice, incumbent, advocate for farmers.

Seán Canney, incumbent, an ally of Fine Gael.

Marian Harkin, former MEP for Ireland.

Catherine Connolly, incumbent, an advocate of the Irish language.

Matt Shanahan, campaigned as a centrist.

Cathal Berry, former Irish special forces. Sinn Fein ally. Left.

Michael McNamara, a former member who was kicked out of the left-wing Labor party.

Thomas Pringle, incumbent. ex-Sinn-Fein. Leftist.

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