Bernie Field Organizer Kyle Jurek even advocates violence on his Facebook profile picture

Why does Facebook even allow this?

Update: Kyle Jurek has now deleted his Facebook page.

Kyle Jurek is currently being exposed by Project Veritas.

He is a salaried employee for the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign. His job title is “field organizer.” He was captured on a hidden camera advocating politically motivated violence. In fact, he says there will be mass violence if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the DNC nomination. Jurek says the violence will greatly exceed the 1968 Martin Luther King riots. He also defends Joseph Stalin and says billions will need to be spent on the forced re-education of Trump supporters.

We also discovered that Kyle Jurek is advocating politically motivated violence right in his Facebook profile picture. In his profile picture, he is demonstrating for Brazil’s disgraced former president Lula da Silva to be released from prison. In the picture, he is holding a sign with a picture of a Molotov cocktail and message calling for street violence

This is the same Facebook that has banned people like Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer as “extremists.”

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