CBS airs agitation piece against Youtube. Calls for mass censorship.

60 Minutes wants Youtube to delete their competition

60 Minutes, the Sunday News show aired on CBS for fifty years, launched an outrageous attack on Youtube.

According to 60 Minutes, Youtube is “spewing hate, conspiracies, and medical quackery.” They say that Youtube “doesn’t fact check like we do.” As proof as this, they show a completely out of context picture of Hitler.

60 Minutes arrogantly demands that Youtube cease being a “platform” and become a publisher who is directly responsible for all content. In other words, they want Youtube to simply syndicates corporate media without all the pesky independent creators.

Of course, Youtube has already been slowly migrating from platform to publisher. They want to straddle the middle, where the can censor people they don’t like, but still claim the legal protections of being a platform. If Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook lost their section 230 legal protection, they would become the biggest lawsuit magnets in America.

The agitation segment is hosted by Lesley Rene Stahl, who looks almost like a puppet from decades of plastic surgery. Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki assures Stahl that, despite claiming to be an open platform, Youtube already censors content and gives preferential treatment to “trusted” corporate media outlets like 60 Minutes. She claims that Youtube is allowed to censor content for political reasons without violating their section 230 protection. Wojcicki goes on to claim that Congress should explicitly define more types of content that can be censors without losing section 230 status.

What Wojcicki seems to want is for a Congressional mandate to censor content. She wants Congress to take the heat instead of taking the heat herself.

Interestingly, despite getting preferential treatment from Youtube and being force-fed into everyone’s recommended videos, 60 Minutes has a whopping 426k subscribers. Far less than Alex Jones had when he was banned. Far less than Soph, a 14-year-old girl, had when she was banned. Less than James Allsup when he was banned.

Fewer people are watching network tv every day, and 60 Minutes can’t compete in the current online market. So they want to ban us all from having a platform.

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