Upcoming European Elections

There are three German State elections and three Italian regional elections coming up. All of these could have explosive results. We will also learn how much damage was really done to the Austrian Freedom Party over the Ibiza Affair. Currently, they are consistently receiving 20% in polls. Before the Ibiza Affair, they were polling around 23-25.

September 1st:

German State Elections for Sachsen (Saxony) and Brandenburg

September 9th:

Norwegian Local Elections

September 29th:

Austrian National Election (Early SNAP Election)

October 6th:

Portuguese National Election

October 13th:

Polish National Election

Austrian State election for Vorarlberg

October 27th:

Hungarian Local Elections

Bulgarian Local Elections

Italian Regional Election in Umbria

German State election for Thüringen (Thuringia)


Italian Regional Election in Calabria


Italian Regional Election in Emilia-Romagna

The possibility also exists that Spain and/or Italy could have early SNAP elections before the end of the year.

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