“Refugees” arriving in Spain by boat

Look at all the women and children

It has been brought to my attention that the people in the Barcelona clip might not actually be newly arriving migrants. Instead, they are probably migrants who sell counterfeit goods in the tourist areas of Barcelona.

The bundles they are holding wrapped in blankets are probably counterfeit Adidas soccer jersey and fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.

This is a video of economic migrants charging down the famous Rambla de Mar in Barcelona, Spain. While I can confirm the location where the video was filmed, I can not 100% confirm the date. However, I believe these were the passengers of a German-owned ship being operated by the Spanish NGO Proactive Open Arms.

This ship docked in Barcelona on July 4th after being denied permission to dock anywhere in Italy and Malta. Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona personally intervened and lobbied the government of Spain to allow the ship to dock. The excuse for allowing the ship to dock was that a token nine year old kid had been placed on board.

We are supposed to believe these are desperate Libyan war refugees who were rescued at sea. In reality, these are young males from middle-class families that paid thousands of Euros to be smuggled into an active warzone in northwestern Libya and then delivered to NGO run human trafficking ships. The people being trafficked on these NGOPP ships are coming as far away as South Africa and Bangladesh.

Currently the same ship is again circling Italian territorial waters with another load of economic migrants. This time, American actor Richard Gere is also on board.


  1. That’s port olímpico, and those guys are selling counterfeit goods that they rap up in those big sheets.its a common sight in Barcelona these days. Besides the counterfeit goods they sell drugs and alcohol in the streets, rob tourists etc. I lived in Barca for seven years and saw the city become engulfed in African migrants, crime became insane and tourist being stripped naked by Nigerian prostitutes a common sight.I witnessed whole swathes of the city become migrant infested drug dens.how anyone can allow it, who knows.

  2. I cannot understand how/why Europeans are so stupid as to allow this invasion to take place.
    Then on the other hand, Christianity has a lot to do with it. It encourages people to be “self sacrificing and meek” With an attitude like that you are doomed!

    • We’llI don’t understand why Americans are SO STUPID that ’THEY ALLOW’ their government to bully them with their federal thugs, who lie, steal, throw ppl in prison for bogus reasons and even kill; why they pay taxes to the IRS. Surely they know it is a hoax and a criminal racket.

      I also don’t understand why ppl in the UK are SO STUPID they ALLOW their gvt to tyrannise and humiliate them so badly.

      I don’t understand the Chinese… Iranians… Saudi Arabians… Nort Koreans… and test of world… WHY they are SO STUPID to allow all evil to happen in this world.

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