A tale of two immigrants in Sweden

A tale of two immigrants in Sweden

Mohomed Hassan Abukar is an immigrant from Somalia. He is allegedly seventeen. Earlier this month, he was convicted of raping a thirteen-year-old girl. He was also convicted of threatening to murder the girl and members of her family. He was also convicted of burglary, stealing a car, driving a light truck without a license, spitting in another girl’s face, resisting arrest, and attacking an official in a courtroom. He received nine convictions in all.

Abukar is not being deported. He is not being sent to prison. He is still eligible to receive Swedish citizenship. A judge at Falu District Court sentenced him to a comical 150 hours of community service. He will now perform less than a month’s worth of light work.

Irina Zamanova, a Ukrainian, was a tourist in Stockholm Sweden in 2017. While visiting the city, she was horribly maimed by an Islamic terrorist. The same terrorist from Uzbekistan that famously murdered eleven-year-old Ebba Åkerlund and four other people.

Zamanova was given a temporary residence permit on the grounds that she was a witness to a crime. She testified during the trial of the Islamic terrorist. She has been living in Sweden with her daughter and receiving continued medical and psychological treatment. When her temporary residence permit was up, she asked for an extension based on her special circumstances.

Now, the Swedish Migration Agency has issued an order for her deportation.


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