Facebook deletes fan pages for Italy’s two largest political parties ahead of EU election

Recently I made a video about Facebook establishing a forty person “war room” in Dublin to suppress “fake” and “misleading” information concerning the EU election.

Now Facebook has deleted 23 Italian political pages. The majority were related to either Lega or 5 Star, the two largest Italian political parties.

A far-left non-profit based in NYC is claiming responsibility. The 23 pages were part of a list of over 100 pages and groups that Avaaz had lobbied Facebook to ban. Avaaz claims the pages promote “hate and disinformation.”

The 23 pages collectively had about two and a half million followers.

Avaaz is the same group that claimed responsibility when Facebook deleted 17 conservative Spanish pages right before the recent general election in Spain.

Lega, or League in English, is a conservative/populist/nationalist Italian political party. It is currently polling first place.

Movimento 5 Stelle, or Five Star Movement, is a big tent centrist anti-establishment/populist political party. It is currently the largest political party in the Italian parliament.

Facebook claims that the pages were deleted because they were not properly identified as being partisan when they were created. An explanation that seems absurd when you consider that many of the pages had Lega or 5 Stelle in their title.

None of the banned pages supported a left-wing party, candidate, or cause. The action taken by Facebook benefits the socialist Partido Democratico.

It seems likely that Facebook will use the same reasoning to ban Donald Trump fan pages in the USA.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg met with Emanuel Macron just days ago to pledge more crackdowns on so-called “hate speech.”

Also, a huge lawsuit against Facebook was filed in Poland over the banning of a group that helps drug addicts. The group, Civil Society Drug Policy Initiative [SIN], advocates a Portuguese style approach to drug enforcement. In Portugal, all enforcement and prosecution is aimed at drug smugglers. Individual users are not prosecuted with a crime. The theory is that addicts are more likely to seek help under this system.

Facebook banned the Polish group and accused them of promoting illegal drug use when it was abundantly clear that the exact opposite is true. The group says that Facebook has caused them to lose contact with thousands of drug addicts who are at high risk of killing themselves through overdose.

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  1. the insidious censorship from Facebook continues unabated, people using this ‘platform’ to stay in touch with friends and family should understand that they are supporting a liberal-leftist propaganda machine that devotes a great deal of time & money to limiting free from the conservative political perspective, branding it as ‘far-right’ &/or racist, hate speech etc to close free-speech down in support of its own political [left wing] narrative just as both the fascist & communist did in past history, yet ironically that very parallel is lost on theses modern day justice warriors ! the

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