Fires at college in Vancouver were caused by a terrorist attack

According to Vancouver police, 23-year-old Nasradin Abdusamad Ali placed at least three incendiary devices around Langara College. At least two of them detonated resulting in fires around noon.

The college was evacuated with no injuries. Ali was apprehended around 4:00 pm. “T Building” suffered significant structural damage and will remain closed. T Building is a five-story building that housed science and technology classes. It was full of students when the attack occurred.

For an attack that had the potential to cause so many deaths, the media seems like they can barely be bothered to report on it. Most articles I found do not even mention the perps name. So far the suspect has only been charged with one count of arson and one count of possessing a bomb. However, more charges will likely follow.

The police held the most comically non-informative press conference I have ever watched. The police only disclosed that Ali had been a student, but would not disclose anything about his immigration status, criminal history, or background.

A local Langara newspaper, the Langara Voice, discovered that Ali was charged with theft and “uttering a threat” last year. The charges were dropped. They also say that Ali sent two cellphone videos to the college mocking the deaths he thought he was causing. In the longer of the two videos, he said he hopes to see memorials for dead teachers.

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