Early Swede depicted as a sub-Sahara African in new documentary

SVT claims blue-eyed African is a "factual" representation of an early Swede

The tax-payer funder Swedish public television station SVT is about to air a two part show titled “The First Swedes.” They are billing the show as a “fact” based documentary rooted in the latest scientific research.

On the official SVT website, a promotional image for the show depicts one early Swede as a sub-Saharan African man wearing vampire like Halloween contact lenses.

The following is the official description of the show.

Swedish fact series from 2019. In two programs, archeologist Jonathan Lindström travels around Sweden in the wake of those who populated the country after the Ice Age. He meets scientists who talk about wave after wave of people pouring into Scandinavia for thousands of years. And the legacy of the Stone and Bronze Age still lives. It is not only noticeable in people’s genes, but also in languages, customs and fairy tales.

SVT is funded by the Swedish “tv license tax.” This a tax that Swedes must pay to watch their own tv sets. Part one will air February 21st and part two will air February 27th. The shows are scheduled to be played over and over until August of 2019.

The depiction appears to be based on the Cheddar Man hoax carried out by the British media recently. Cheddar Man is a very old skeleton discovered in in Britain in 1903. He was believed to have lived a primitive cannibalistic life. Initially, researchers thought he was not even a fully modern Homo Sapien. The skeleton is usually described as being 9k to 11k years old.

In 2017, a team of researchers from around the world began studying his DNA. They concluded that he was related to about 10% of modern Brits but probably had a darker complexion. This conclusion is not shocking or in any way controversial. Afterall, a lot of really pure Welsh have darker complexions than most English. Cheddar Man was determined to be part of the U5b mtDNA haplogroup family. Today, this haplogroup is most common among the Sami/Lapps of northern Scandinavia.

The team also concluded that Cheddar Man would have had blue eyes. This was a surprising revelation due to the believed age of the skeleton.

What happened next is two artists, who are not scientists themselves, took massive liberties when making a Cheddar Man bust. They gave him extremely dark skin. So-called “mainstream” British media outlets then published wild falsehoods about how Cheddar Man was a blue-eyed black man with links to Africa. The coverage was denounced by the original team of geneticists who said they had no way of knowing what his actual skin tone would have looked like.

Along with claiming that Cheddar Man was “black,” many media outlets said this alleged skin color justified having open borders and massive third world immigration for modern day Britain. Eventually, some British media outlets walked back their original coverage.

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