Europe’s prisons are turning very non-European

Western European prisons are now very international and very Islamic

Photo: Picket line at a French prison

France now has a huge problem with inmates turning to radical Islam inside the prisons. In fact, there have already been terrorist attacks in Western Europe by ex-cons who embraced Jihad while behind bars.

France is also in the middle of a nationwide strike by prison staff. One of their chief complaints is that they suffer constant attacks by radical Muslims who are serving time.

The French prison population rate rose 39% between 2000 and 2018. About 22% are citizens of foreign countries. However, among the other 78%, a huge percentage are also non-ethnic French. Keep in mind that France is one of the easier countries to get full citizenship.

Almost eleven years ago, the Washington Post claimed that France was 12% Muslim and the French inmate population was 60%-70% Muslim. These figures have been widely circulated by “mainstream media” outlets ever since. They were simply made up from the beginning, and are not supported by any real data. However, the real figure is still extremely high.

Realistically, France is around 8-10% Muslim and has a prison population that is 40% Muslim or higher. Not surprisingly, the government does not provide official data. The left-wing parties of Western Europe and Scandinavia want to make it illegal “hate speech” to even include race, ethnicity, immigration status, or religion in crime related data.

A 2016 study by the Brookings Institute found that 8.5% of the males living in France between the ages of 18 and 24 are Muslim. However, this group formed 40% of the prison population. With the surge of ISIS-related convictions, and the extradition of 130 ISIS fighters and wives from Syria, I’m sure this percentage is surging right now.

The government of Switzerland just published shocking details on the percentage of non-citizen inmates. Between 2007 and 2017, only 20% of Swiss inmates held Swiss citizenship. 28% were so-called “asylum seekers” and 52% were foreigners who reside abroad. Note that this includes native Europeans as well as non-European.

It must be noted that there are also significant amounts of Eastern Europeans from EU nations in Western European prisons. Poland is widely accused of exporting all their criminals to Western Europe. There is very little crime in Poland, but lots of Polish in foreign prisons. For one thing, Polish prisons are considered brutal compared to some of the lavish prisons in other EU countries. EU policies make it easy for a potential criminal to move to a country with more lavish prisons and more lenient sentencing before committing his crimes.

Another large source of Eastern European inmates in Western European prisons are actually Roma/Gypsies but are most commonly listed as “Romanian” in official data. These are people who originated in northern India and first arrived in Eastern Europe as slaves of the Mongol army.

There is also a lot of confusion because, for example, an immigrant from Pakistan, who achieves French citizenship, would be listed as a “French” inmate if he is incarcerated in a neighboring European country. So it starts to become very difficult to determine just how many inmates originated from outside of Europe.

Switzerland is also one of the harder places to gain citizenship. So that is also a big part of the reason why the percentage of non-citizens is so much higher in Switzerland that it is in France.

There is also new government data about German prisons, which show they are being taken over by foreigners.

These are figures for the percentages of foreign inmates in various German states in 2016.

Hamburg 61%
Berlin 51%
Rhineland-Palatinate 48%
Bavaria 45%
Hesse 45%
Baden-Württemberg 41%
North Rhine Westphalia 36%
Schleswig-Holstein 34%
Lower Saxony 33%
Saarland 27%

North Rhine Westphalia reports inmates from 113 different foreign states. This sounds almost unbelievable. Baden-Württemberg reports having inmates from 98 different states. There are also hundreds of inmates in German prisons who’s true origin is not even known.

The number one largest group of foreigners in German prisons appear to be Turks. Large numbers are also from the north African nations of Morocco, Algeria, and Libya. There are also significant numbers of inmates who are Albanians and Albanian Kosovars.

There is also data coming out about new arrests that suggest the percentage of foreign inmates is only going to continue to get larger. Foreigners appear to be committing half or more of all new crimes across most of Germany and Austria. This is not to say that Europeans don’t commit any crime. For example, you have the Camorra gangs in Naples that are particular brutal. However, it is very hard to make the case that Europe is not importing a population that is far more violent and dangerous than it’s native population.


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